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ZL-Pack Industrial (KaiPing) Co., Ltd is considered the leading Plastic Packaging suppliers globally. We are a team of specialists and experienced workers who offer you with the top quality of plastic packages with a huge variety and can never think of compromising with the quality of our products. Plastic Packaging China deals with the packaging of all types of items from electrical devices to food products, from medical instruments to chemical and agricultural packages. We are the pioneers of plastic pouch manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We are recognized and well-renowned globally because of our high-quality packages and superior services we provide to our clients.

What Makes Our Plastic Packages Outstanding in the International Market?

Plastic packaging China keeps all the products protected inside it from all the external factors or any type of damage for an extended period of time. Following are some promising points which ensure that Zhongli pack are the best Plastic packaging manufacturers and suppliers in the local as well as in the international market.

1. The plastic packages provided by plastic packaging suppliers are durable and sturdy. We offer leak-proof packs as well, which makes it highly suitable for liquid items as well.

2. We manufacture such plastic packages for food industries that maintain the freshness of the food kept inside it and maintains its nutritious value too.

3. The high-quality plastic packages made by plastic packaging manufacturers protect all your items from moisture, dust, light, odors, and all types of contaminants.

4. We provide plastic packages for all types of items in all sizes. From your huge sizes of electronic machines to the portable packages for your smaller items, we have solutions for everything.

5. The plastic pouch manufacturer makes portable plastic bags that can be used for several purposes in your regular lives. As all our packages are so durable, they could be reutilized again and again as well.

6. The plastic packages we deliver can withstand against all extreme temperatures and weather conditions and keeps the product unscathed.

7. With high-quality, we provide aesthetically-appealing packages to our clients that improve product visibility in the retail setting.

8. All our eye-catching plastic packages help you in the marketing of your product. All our packaging items have the ability to stand out your product with other packages. We have the most versatile variety of colors, sizes, shapes, designs, sealings, and prints of the packages.

9. The plastic packages we provide are hygienic as well. Our plastic packaging items are highly suitable for the packaging of medical essentials like syringes.

10. We provide plastic packages in bulk and in wholesale rates. We sell our packages at very cost-effective prices. You can easily mold these packages in any form and store them in your cupboards.


Premium Quality

Under the strict observation of our quality control panel, we assure you with the best quality of packaging and laminating products.

On time delivery

With the help of our worldwide network of middleman and agreements with shipping agencies, we ensure the on-time delivery to our valuable clients.


We believe that our win is when our client is satisfied with our products. We have high regards in valuing our clients and catering to them according to their requirements.

professional team

We have an army of highly skilled workers to carry out the whole process of laminating and packaging of your significant products.

Why Choose Us

The plastic packages we provide our hard to find anywhere else, which makes us the best and outstanding. We use the best material to form the plastic packages, including PETE (the most durable and transparent plastic), HDPE (that is translucent and appropriate for bleaches and hazardous chemicals as well), PVC (the most flexible one), propylene, LDPE, etc. All these materials are considered the best as packages and protect all the products by all means. To provide you with the best, we use the best materials, and this makes the main reason for you to choose us.

Promising Services

ZL-Pack offers promising services to all its clients. We have separate departments so that we can provide you with the best quality, and that can bring ease in your life. We are the reliable partners of most of our clients as we have never compromised with the quality of any of our products. Our services are remarkable and admired globally. Our prices are the best in the international market. We have a separate research and development department and a separate customer care department. Not only this, but before providing you with all the items, we test our products several times through various techniques and provides you with the best of all. We offer premium packages to all our prime customers, and we do everything to satiate our regular customers.

Proud Plastic Packaging Suppliers In The Market

ZL-Pack is the plastic packaging china firm with an immense 20 years of experience. We have a huge army of workers helping us in every step, from the idea generation to delivering the finished plastic pouch packaging products. These employees are of great value to us, and we have high regards of respect for all of them. Our organization has always believed in the empowerment and growth of every individual. As one of the leading plastic pouch packing manufacturers, we have good relations with our competitors.

Features of Our Customized Plastic Packaging

ZL pack industries, as the top plastic packaging suppliers, have a vibrant R&D department that tries every inch hard to prepare the customer desired packaging item. With the infusion of the latest technological advancements and the use of premium quality of raw material, we are successful in driving satisfaction from our clients. We have following unique features which make our packaging stands out among others:

  • Use of best quality and suitable material according to the nature of the product
  • Designing of the packaging material and its unique competitive edge analysis
  • Expert advice and fully secured testing channels for your finalized product
  • Wholesale rates and best contractual deals for international buyers and traders
  • 24/7 customer support and expert advice by best plastic packaging manufacturers
  • Shipping available to all across the world through most feasible channels

Our Sophisticated Organizational Culture

The foremost thing which we always look to is the creativity and talent every individual is blessed with. We try to nourish that talent and utilize it in the most effective way. Here at our platform, we give full nourishment to the creativity of the employees and the protection of their moral values. Our brand name has got a lot of fame as one of the most favored plastic pouch manufacturers from China. We believe in offering premium quality products to bind our customers and gain their trust. We have a huge list of people having satisfied trading relationship with us and expanding their businesses with immense profit ratios. As the best plastic packaging manufacturers, our unique mindset has helped us in standing out from the competitors, which simultaneously leads us to gain access to a broad base of clients and new potential buyers.

Our Unfailing Services

ZL-Pack is a pioneer among the plastic packaging suppliers not only in China but to the outer world as well. One of the prominent plastic pouch manufacturer traits we have is our highly organized and technical working efficiency, which leads us in gaining the trust and satisfaction of our clients. We do not spare even a single opportunity to improve our strategy come up with better outcomes. Your feedback is of great importance to us, and we had always catered the consignments to the client’s utmost satisfaction. We have excellence in offering the customized products for which clients love to choose our company to meet their packaging requirements. So what you are waiting for, join your hands with us to start the most beneficial trade.

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