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ZL-Pack Industrial (KaiPing) Co., Ltd is a leading Plastic Packaging supplier of China. We are a team of specialists and experienced workers who offer you with the top quality of plastic packages with a huge variety of plastic packaging options and can never think of compromising with the quality of the finished plastic packaged products. We, as top Plastic Packaging China company deals with the packaging of all types of items from electrical devices to food products, from medical instruments to chemical and agricultural packages. We are the pioneers in plastic pouch manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We are recognized and well-renowned globally because of our high-quality packages and superior services we provide to our clients. Read More


Premium Quality

Under the strict observation of our quality control panel, we assure you with the best quality of packaging and laminating products.

On time delivery

With the help of our worldwide network of middleman and agreements with shipping agencies, we ensure the on-time delivery to our valuable clients.


We believe that our win is when our client is satisfied with our products. We have high regards in valuing our clients and catering to them according to their requirements.

professional team

We have an army of highly skilled workers to carry out the whole process of laminating and packaging of your significant products.


ZL pack industries, as the top wholesale plastic packaging supplier, have a vibrant R&D department that tries every inch hard to prepare the customer desired packaging item. With the infusion of the latest technological advancements and the use of premium quality of raw material, we are successful in driving satisfaction from our clients. We have following unique features which make us prominent plastic packaging manufacturer among others:

  • Use of best quality and suitable material according to the nature of the product
  • Designing of the packaging material and its unique competitive edge analysis
  • Expert advice and fully secured testing channels for your finalized product
  • Wholesale rates and best contractual deals for international buyers and traders
  • 24/7 customer support and expert advice by best plastic packaging manufacturers
  • Shipping available to all across the world through most feasible channels


ZL-Pack is a leading plastic packaging China factory with an immense 20 years of experience. We have a huge army of workers helping us in every step, from the idea generation to delivering the finished plastic pouch packaging products. These employees are of great value to us, and we have high regard of respect for all of them. Our organization has always believed in the empowerment and growth of every individual. As the leading plastic pouch manufacturer, we have a good market reputation.


ZL-Pack offers promising services to all its clients as a well-reputed plastic packaging supplier. We have a separate department of customer service and relations so that we can provide you with the best quality services. Our services are remarkable and admired globally. Our prices are the best in the international market of Plastic packaging China. Before providing you with all the items, we test our products several times through various techniques and provides you with the best of all. We as the chief China plastic pouch manufacturer, offer premium packages to all our prime customers, and we do everything to satisfy our valuable customers.


The plastic packages we provide our hard to find anywhere else, which makes us the best and outstanding plastic packaging manufacturer. We use the best material to form the plastic packages, including PETE (the most durable and transparent plastic), HDPE (that is translucent and appropriate for bleaches and hazardous chemicals as well), PVC (the most flexible one), propylene, LDPE, etc. To provide you with the best, we use the best materials, and this makes the main reason for you to choose us.

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