about us

ZL-Pack Industrial (KaiPing) Co., Ltd, set up and built 1999 in KaiPing city of China. It is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese. The bridgehead of China’s open-up & reformation, which built-up with the internationally and globally advanced technology system. ZL-Pack Industrial Co., Ltd has thenceforth been concentrated on developing and producing the most excellent quality of plastic laminated packaging and advertising products for food / daily chemical /electronic/agricultural, etc. With the advanced technology system and broader experiences in the plastic industry, ZL-Pack Industrial Co., Ltd is a well-known and leading brand name in the packaging manufacturing sector. It is an industry and a pioneer of packaging solution supplier cooperating with many good companies which supplying the full range of high quality and innovative packaging film/bags and best quality posters every year. It is highly praised for excellent and steady quality and professional, thoughtful services.