Plastic Packaging – A complex chemical cocktail

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“Researchers of Norwegian University of Science and Technology stated that it takes over 4000 chemicals to combine together to produce plastic packaging – and that is a conservative estimate”

Plastics are known to be the most complex combination of synthetic compounds. It is highly doubted that the plastic packaging distributor do not know anything about what is used in which manner and what was the final product of that reaction. The only thing you would see over the internet is the types of plastics and the high range of benefits that they have. Plastic is an environmental miracle. It has substantially made modern life possible. Plastic is not made as we see it, there is a high range of chemicals that are mixed together to make this product. According to the researchers at the Norwegian University, even if you ask the manufacturers, they would not tell you the names of chemicals that are used to produce plastics. They are either unknown of all the names, or they are restricted to not give out this information. However, some of the chemical names can be predicted by analyzing plastic polymers.

Plastic polymer – Basic Anatomy

A basic polymer of plastic would contain optimal amounts of carbons. The logs of polymers contain homogeneous chains of carbon-to-carbon atoms. The whole carbon log is called homogenous structure. There are some of the plastics have heterogeneous structure. These plastics have a disturbed carbon log. They contain oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen interruptions. Some chemicals are found to have fluorine atoms attached to their carbon log, such as Teflon. PVC contains the chlorine atoms attached to its carbon log. Methane is also found along with some carbon logs. The additional chemicals are added with the process of inclusion of additives, colorants, plasticizers, stabilizers, fabricants, processors, compounder, formers, molders, compressors and reactors. There are more than 50 variations of heterogeneous carbon logs. Different types of plastic polymers are used for different purposes. The heterogeneous behavior of this material makes it even suitable for engineering and likewise processes.

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